Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to offer community outreach, end-of-life education, training, and fundraising as well as emotional, social, and spiritual support.

Crisis Fund For Patients, Families and Hospice Workers

Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation assists patients, caregivers, and hospice workers with funds to cover expenses due to crises, disaster and/or financial hardship. We provide services that are not covered by medical insurances, Medicare or Medicaid. Often, these needs are overlooked. However, with your donation, we can help patients, families, and hospice workers maintain quality of life and dignity during a challenging time.

Your generous donation to Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation allows us to readily assist patients and their families’ with emergency needs such as:

  • Utility assistance such as electricity or gas in winter months
  • Rent or mortgage assistance
  • Food assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Assistance after a disaster (such as fire, flood, or other disasters)

Hopes and Dreams Program

Christmas gifts to all of our patients at a local assisted living community

Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation believes there it’s never too late to dream big or small. Through our Hopes and Dreams Program, we can fulfill dreams that our patients and families never thought could happen. From something as small as planning a birthday party for a dying patient to, a more complex dream such as arranging transportation to the beach for a final view of the ocean. Ultimately, our donors make it possible to remind patients and their families’ to make everyday matter.

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Grief Support Group

It’s never too late to find the encouragement you need to get through grief. Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation offers a support group program made up of a community of people that support each other and connect. Donors, like you, make it possible to help individuals manage through these difficult times regardless of their ability to pay.

Community Outreach

We strive to bring awareness to end-of-life care and choices. As FIVE WISHES ambassadors, we’ve developed programs, offer resources, speak at seminars and classrooms throughout our community. Making healthcare decisions early alleviates stress and overwhelm a family can experience when making end-of-life care decisions.

We also connect with support of our community with hands-on projects such as the Back-to-School Drive, National Day of Service, and planting community gardens.

Planting a garden for residents at a local assisted living community

Our Back-To-School Drive for children in our community.

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Corporate Giving

Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation partners with your company on philanthropic goals that reflect your corporate culture. Rest assured, one hundred percent of your company’s contribution to will go directly to our programs.

There are several ways to get your company involved with Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation. Donate gifts or services, match your employee’s contribution, or sponsor a Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation event.

Whatever you choose, we believe that you’ll be proud of your company’s contribution to the quality of life of hospice and palliative care patients.

In Memoriam Gifts

If you would like for your contribution, to be seen as a memorial or tribute gift, you can easily enter the name of the individual on our Online Donation page. You can also note it on the memo line of your check or attach a note outlining that your gift is “in memory” or “in honor” of an individual. If you would like an acknowledgment letter of your gift, sent to a particular family member of the honoree, please provide that person’s name and address. Donors will receive an acknowledgment letter.

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Your Gift Supports Hundreds of Patients and Families In Our Community!

Since 2017, Heavenly Hands Hospice, a nurse-owned, veteran-owned, and locally owned hospice have served the Georgia community by delivering comfort, support, and guidance.

Heavenly Hands Hospice Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves patients, caregiver and hospice workers of Heavenly Hands Hospice in times of financial hardship. Heavenly Hands Hospice accepts eligible patients regardless of ability to pay. Each donation, whether monetary or in-kind, directly supports our mission and the community we serve.

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Thanks for your support.

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