Share Your Heart: 5 Major Benefits of Volunteering

While volunteering is an act of giving to others, there are many benefits of volunteering which can help you as well. Here are many surprising benefits of volunteering or performing community service.


Volunteering in your community can bring many benefits to your life. Whether you are looking to make new friends or looking to learn new skills to add to your resume or you may be interested in just one more experience in your life.


Volunteering can help you achieve many goals. It not only serves the needs of other people, but it also helps you in personal and professional life. Volunteering inspires you to feel more confident, learn teamwork and management skills. All skills you can apply personally and professionally.


Volunteering can also make you feel happier as it contributes to feelings of peace and reduces stress. In fact, volunteering is good for your health. No matter what age group you are in, volunteering can bring great benefits to your life. So let’s discuss some major benefits of volunteering.


The benefit of volunteering #1: Make new friends

Do you find it difficult to make new friends? Then, volunteering can definitely help you! Through volunteering, you can connect with new people in your own community that may have the same interests as you.


By volunteering, you can also grow your current relationships. Get a group of friends or coworkers together working on the same task and you’ll find you get to know each other even better. Heavenly Hands Hospice can partner with your group to coordinate a volunteer experience to support hospice patients in your community. Volunteering is a great way to build lasting connections. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about group volunteering.


The benefit of volunteering #2: Good for your health

Research shows that people who volunteer live longer and have fewer diseases. People who continuously engage in community service for years are found healthier both mentally and physically. Connecting with others also helps reduce mental illness issues. So helping others can make you more fit, healthier, and happier.


These days most of us are doing more sitting than in the past. Sitting down at work and sitting in front of computers for hours leads to less physical activity in day to day life. Furthermore, we can easily gain fat, back pain and other diseases because of a less active lifestyle.


Volunteering promotes physical activity. Even if it is not a heavy physical task, you are burning calories by walking around or visiting someone or by playing with children. This results in becoming more active and burns calories.


The benefit of volunteering # 3: Make you more happy and healthy


It has been found that volunteering or performing community service help can improve your mental health as well. How? Volunteers often report feelings of reduced stress, anger and anxiety. A study from the National Institute of Health showed that reduced stress, loneliness and depression in volunteers improved their mental and physical health.


Volunteering allows you to meet new friends and making new connections. When you do this, you often forget your own worries and feel less stressed.


You remain engaged in some kind of activities and get support from friends and other people you meet while doing community service. You handle your stress level and that improves your physiological health. You will also feel more happy and relaxed. So if you’re feeling down or stressed, then volunteering can be a great activity option for you.

The benefit of volunteering #4: Connect you with great people in your industry

We all look for great connections to help people to help us advance professionally. You may need connections to grow your business or contacts to get a new job. Whatever the reason for connecting with others, you get a chance to interact with people in a business that can help you grow.  As a volunteer for Heavenly Hands Hospice, we invite people from workplaces to work on projects such as visiting patients at residential care communities or assembling care packages. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more.

If you are looking to connect with professional people, then you should definitely start volunteering.


The benefit of volunteering # 5: Increase socialization skills


Recently, one of our volunteers posted on Google, “Volunteering with Heavenly Hands Hospice has been life-changing.” We have seen shy young people become outspoken and engaged as they volunteer at Heavenly Hands Hospice. When we take our minds of ourselves and connect with others, we can find we grow in our own life.


As you continue to volunteer, you may realize that you are becoming more of a social person. You may grow to enjoy meeting others and making new friends and connections.


It may be the feeling of satisfaction that giving to others offers that improve your psychological health.  Giving your time and energy to help others and working for a cause inspires powerful experiences for volunteers. our life is impacted as you engage with new people, you get yourself in a new environment, make new friends and have fun.


Are you a good listener, compassionate and empathetic towards others and want to help people in your community? Then you may be perfect as a hospice volunteer. Visit our Volunteer page to learn about volunteer opportunities.


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